Fuzushima the Wandering Noob

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Fuzushima the Wandering Noob

Post by Fuzushima on Mon Aug 25, 2014 10:42 pm

"I wanted a place to belong"

I haven't always been a resident of these lands. In fact, I rarely stay in any place. If you were to ask why my answer would always vary. It could be that the current owners of my home despise me. It could have been a tragic incident. It can even be as simple as boredom overcame me. The reason I wander is beside the point. The fact that I am usually unwelcome is. Useless. A Mistake. Garbage. These are the many things I have been called. No matter where I go my presence is simply a hindrance. And so I wander aimlessly across the lands of Erinn, trying to find a place where I belong. I stumble upon many villages and monsters as I traverse these dangerous lands. Not once looking back. With little money and supplies, my usefulness is as all the others before have described it. I realize that I am in fact, a slow learn. When it comes to the many different factors in these lands anyway. I tried to not let it get to me. I would do all I can to ignore the countless insults thrown at me. Though they called me all those harsh words, they were not afraid to hide there affection toward me. I had always been a woman that had been messed with. Perhaps I was even popular once. A solid "9.5" as they would say. I found my looks to be to my liking at least and that was enough. However, I did not enjoy the attention they got me. Especially since most of it isn't the innocent type like a boy asking you out. I know I may sound like I'm bragging here but I am not going to be one of those women who constantly posts obviously forced pictures and say "eww I look so ugly,lol" to get the attention of the fifty guys in which I don't know in any way to say "no you are beautiful." Nah bru. I would totes say. "Damn right I am!"

Oops. Seems my character slipped away from me there. Anyway, I continued onward. Meeting some other people of the land  who were oddly kind to me. It was one of these men who I tried to settle down with. He had approached me and politely asked if I cared to join him for a bit of tea. In my head I was like "I don't drink that shit" but a loud I was more agreeable then that. I accepted the invitation and followed him to a tea shop. I may not drink tea but the taste of this tea was definitely not what I expected. of course, because it wasn't just tea. I have no idea what occurs next but what I do know is I wake up in a strange town, all my goods are gone. Here, I meet a woman. She is a very beautiful woman who seems to be very pleasant and yet somewhat powerful. She talks to me about many things such as the many things the land of Erinn have to offer. She says she will allow me to be reborn into a stronger woman. One who can help those in need. I swiftly take her up on her offer as her sincere voice is very hard to turn away. I then find myself in a new land where a old man named Duncan helps me to find my path. He teaches me many things. I feel that I am still not yet ready, however, to be the kind of woman I want to be. So, I find a place to call my home for the week an plan to leave again tomorrow. That is when it all started. After my sleep, I wake to find a strange man hovering above me. "I guess we do look similar after all." the strange man says. I jump out of bed surprised that this man stands before me. He has this aura about him that seems oddly perverted yet trustworthy. I am not sure whether to be terrified or to hit him with a rubber chicken. Either way, I wait for him to say something. "Well, I am
Jahbez but you can call me Onii chan" he says to me. "Onii chan? wait, are you telling me that..." I hesitate. "I am you brother yes." he replies. "It's a pleasure to meet you senpai. Care to join my guild?" he says before I can speak back at him. Surprisingly, I am very calm about it. "sure why not." I say not caring anymore. I never would have expected this would turn out to be one of the best choices I have ever made.

Just as Shippo said in his, I have in no way okay'd Jahs role in this with him. Also, this is a brief synopsis of a back-story for my character. Yes. I did just copy paste some of that from Shippo's. No. I do not feel bad about it

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Re: Fuzushima the Wandering Noob

Post by zenlyne on Mon Aug 25, 2014 10:52 pm

lol, nice, very creative and good use of the tutorial in it!

Happy Fall!

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