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Post by zenlyne on Sun Sep 28, 2014 9:20 pm

Hay all! As most of you know im a pretty intense gamer with alot of games, however i have had a website i use to get all my games cheaper then normal, and i just got an email saying that the service is actually a free site now! kinda pissed cause i have been paying monthly for like 2 years now, but such is life xD

ANYWAYS! the people who had accounts are now able to refer people to the website, and any deal i would get are accessed to you guys as well! as well as anyone you guys refer as well, and so on (i think the company is dying or something so they are getting desperate xD) basically, follow the link and check out which platform you want to get games for, and order online, it even supports steam! all in all, i have probably saved around $1000 on games in my time using it, and now that its free i'd like to share it with you guys too! (i also get something equivalent to store credit when you guys shop there but im not supposed to tell you that o.o)

no, this isn't an ad, sorry if it does sound like one though! sign up if you want to or not, im just trying to spread around some savings if you like to buy a lot of games, and i have too many now because of this site xD

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